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Erroneous or negative content often cause serious financial and intangiable losses for a company or individual.

Negative Content Is A Serious Threat

Erroneous or negative content often cause serious financial and intangiable losses for a company or individual.
One prominently displayed red flag, true or not, can:

Negative Contact

Alienate existing and future clients. Negative content discourages people from doing business with you. Such situations make it much easier to choose one of your competitors with a more favorable digital presence.

Copy Cats

Invite syndication websites or ‘copy cats’ that paraphrase the negative content over and over again. As a result, the number of undesired pages keeps growing along with the likelihood of searchers viewing the very same.


Trigger psychological stress, tension, irritability, anxiety, nervousness and depression.


Cause several physiological consequences, heartburn, insomnia, and a weekend immune system.

Destroy Trust

Destroy trust and compromise strategic relationships built over many years.


Mean a lot career or compromised opportunity for an individual.


Erode your brand’s credibility and prestige.

Remember, on the internet, perception is reality.

Defamatory content contains false or misleading statements that may damage your online reputation. Negative content on the internet can have catastrophic consequences for how people perceive you or your business offline.

We Are Here To Help

We are here to help you with your negative, defamatory or false content issues.

As you can appreciate, each case is unique and therefore requires a customized approach to identify the most viable solution.
At Blue Ocean Global Technology, this involves 3 phases:

Objectively researching and analyzing all aspects of the case.

Communicating with the client and leveraging the experience of our strategic network of public relations, legal, digital marketing and law enforcement professionals to evaluate the feasibility of removal and suppression options.

Implementing the necessary steps to control and mitigate all defamatory content which often includes a combination of content removal court-ordered injunctions, link suppression, cease & desist correspondence and compensation lawsuits.

It Can Happen To Anyone

The consequences of not addressing false, inaccurate, negative or even defamatory information immediately may adversely impact your digital reputation and personal life.

A common misconception about internet defamation is that it only strikes businesses that engage in unethical, fraudulent or criminal activities. This notion is categorically false. Every week, reputable organizations and individuals face the consequences of new undeserved negative publicity.




Defamation used to result from traditional news outlets and only through direct conversation. Today, the vast majority of defamation cases originate through digital content and correspondence on the internet. A primary reason for paradigm shift is the emergence of the Web 2.0, namely its numerous social media platforms – think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit – and review websites. These open communication mediums allow users to publicly state their opinion about anything 24/7.




Although we must protect our right of free speech, we also have to remain mindful of
defamation. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but when ratings, reviews and verdicts are false or misleading a red line is crossed.

If you are currently facing online defamation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We review each case confidentially with our trusted network.

We Are Here To Help

We will work relentlessly to assess, investigate and solve the following negative reputation and internet defamation issues:

Competitor strategies

Consumer Feedback Website

Court Case Fillings

Defamation Bloggers

Name Changes

Mistake Identity

Negative News

Embrassing Images And Videos

Let’s Get Content Removed From Google Today

Becoming a victim of bad press or defamatory content can happen to anyone. There is nothing to be ashamed of and does not mean that you did anything wrong. Yes, it is frustrating to be innocent in real life but guilty online. We have helped hundreds of individuals and companies. We approach each client case confidentially and with an open mind about all possible solutions. The creators and publishers of defamatory content simply may not know or even care how their actions are affecting you or your business. You must proactive to protect yourself and your organization from continued harm.